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HV Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden




Solo exhibition

For this exhibition, Elsa worked with a printing technique called Breakdown printing or Deconstructed ScreenPrinting.

The technique involves applying dye paste on a screen (painted on, stamped on or printed on to create a pattern image). It is then left to dry before being used to print the next color. The dried dye then works both as a reserve and as a stamp. It is reactivated gradually by the next color. For each print made, more and more of the dried dye disappears, the pattern fades and eventually disappears.

With this technique, she can challenge perfection and control by adding elements of chance. She is investigating the possibility of creating shifts in the static repetition.

Repetitions that illustrate the impossibility of the identical. Continuity and degradation.

Perishability. Time.

Deconstruction - de-struere "break down" + con-struere "build up"

Units are built together into a whole. A whole is broken down and the parts reshape a new meaning.

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