Behind the scenes

A fabric with a traditional  flower pattern being painted blue
three black and white fabrics with shibori dye
the rinsing of a fabric printing schreen
the workshop of Elsa Chartin
discarded pieces of printedcfabric
a window with a beautiful transparent sheet in front
Textiel artist Elsa Chartin hanging one of her custom fabrics
Textiel artist Elsa Chartin hanging one of her custom fabrics
A stack of black and white fabrics
Textiel artist Elsa Chartin hanging one of her custom fabrics
textile designer Elsa Chartin printing dots on a new fabric
A printing screen
Geometrically knotted fabrics by artist Elsa Chartin
A black and yellow shibori fabric by Elsa Chartin
A moodboard from textile designer Elsa Chartin
three shibori fabrics in a exhibition from Elsa Chartin
A set of printed plates
a shot from the exhibition Nordic Now
the process of printing a fabric
A children's game made of artistically printed paper
A freshly dyed piece of fabric folded like an origami
A large black a white fabric dyed using the shibori technique
Elsa Chartin cleaning her tools
a textile design in progress
three stages of a screen printing machine
textile arttist elsa chartin printing a fabric by hand
the first layer of a printed textile design
a blue and white shibori fabric folded like an origami
fabric combining shibori and printing techniques
a cat lying around in a workshop
a printed fabric gone wrong
a pattern of an exotic fruit
a pink and yellow shibori dye
various textile designs shown through one transparent fabric
Textile artist Elsa Chartin preparing a fabric
tools and folded shibori fabric
unique fabric design
An early work of elsa showing a blue grey shibori dye
a detail from tye and dye design
Plates designed by Elsa Chartin featuring a farmer and helicopters
beautiful mix of print and shibori dye pattern


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