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Photos by Anders Fredriksen

Outsized Structures


Sickla Station, Stockholm




public commission

For this styling of a metro station, I tried to synthesize the identity of the Sickla area, an old industrial neighborhood known for its 18th century textile factories. The platforms are made in raw concrete and painted with magnified textile patterns, as if embraced by the seemingly soft texture. The installation consists of four patterns: Braid, Weave, Lattice and Herringbone. In these zoomed-in woven and braided constructions is a game of collisions, shiny and matte surfaces, cold concrete and warm wool.

The work involved a large collaboration with producers, engineers and construction contractors that extended over three years. It was inaugurated in October 2017. 

“The result turned out as beautifully as planned. The station is now easily distinguishable from other stops, with the graphic concrete patterns giving it a clear identity.”

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